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When James paints, it's not just about color, although he has an innate grasp of color theory.  As James paints, he sings, rocks and dances.  It's a sensory dance that is as much about the squish of the paint and the slap of the brush on the canvas as it is about the complex layers of paint and his favorite element: water.


Jamesey's paintings are inspired by the bodies of water he loves: Pacifica, Boracay, and the local public pool.  After painting multiple layers, he finally declares a canvas is "so beautiful".  His last step is to go over his paintings with markers and draw his personal iconography. Rectangles and parallel lines are pool lanes , the circle shapes are life savers and the longer ovals are surf boards.  Sometimes you can even spot a swimmer.

James painting orange.jpeg
James painting orange.jpeg


All profit from the sales of his paintings go to benefit autism and disability causes, especially the Oak Hill School for K-12 students on the autism spectrum in Marin.

We are happy to collaborate with other stakeholders in the disability and autism space to raise funds and awareness for people with disabilities.

Connect with Jamesey

Please reach out to us if you are interested in acquiring a Jamesey or learning more about his art.   We hold periodic auctions to benefit the Oak Hill School in Marin and other disability causes.

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